Saturday, 23 June 2012

From The Ashes of Ruthless Truth

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
Nikola Tesla

At truth strike we explore the vast extension of human potential through the resignation of constricting self-image. Of course you cannot and should not attempt to give up your self-image without good cause. Evidence. That is what we provide. First person empirical inquiry. We apply the scientific method to the question of selfhood. What need have you of self image, when you have no self?

Truth strike rose from the ashes of Ruthless Truth on the 15 of October 2011. We have spent the earlier portion of 2012 rethinking this project, so that we may continue to provide those who care the world over with an alternative view of not just their own lives, but the world they live in. While there are many companies and individuals claiming the monopoly on personal and social freedom, we pride ourselves on our adherence to the scientific method, critical thought and above all honesty in our work.

Truth Strike is a group of people who believe they have discovered a way to disrupt the core mechanism underlying human misery and cruelty. Following on from the pioneering work of Ruthless Truth we task ourselves with presenting this insight with a balanced western approach.

We invite you to look at what we have to say.We invite honest skepticism, as opposed to the self serving of the online pseudo-philosophers masses. Blind acceptance of what we say is worth nothing. We also challenge you not to accept anything we say, no matter how much you want to, before genuinely testing it to see if it is true. We offer products and services, but ensure that our work is free online for those who wish to examine it. There is also an extensive review section, where key research supporting our central claims are described in detail. You also have the opportunity to check our extensive blogroll, and join us on our forum, where we work to deliver the core insight that we believe can help. Welcome to the Truth Strike. 

Why Truth Strike? When the remnant of Ruthless Truth reformed after the collapse, we came together with wildly differing feelings on how (and whether or not) to proceed. Amongst all the debate and opinion within the camp one element still united us all. A determined resolve to let the music do the talking. To structure a space that would allow the truth to sing for itself.

We offer a different environment to what you may have grown accustomed to in other online communities and social forums. We are not courting a large membership simply for it's own sake, rather we seek to present our core insight to anyone who may benefit from it. Our hope is that it may reverse the culture of greed and selfishness that has hit critical mass in our society. That it might do away with our blind self deceit and restore honesty to its rightful place amongst the modalities of inquiry.

We aim to provide a friendly environment where fellow members show respect towards one another. The strength of your honesty and your courage will determine how much attention we will afford you. We will not feed the fires of deceit. Engaging in any debate/inquiry with any goal other than to seek the truth will result in us turning our attention to those who have earned it. Don't allow this to deter you. If you are honest, bold and put the pursuit of truth first, you will hold our attention indefinitely.

Heated exchanges are known to break out here at a moments notice, but they are executed with class and integrity. We hold you to no higher standards than those to which we hold ourselves. You have equal status with anyone here be they liberated or not. We we're all new once and there was a time even we assumed we had some form essential of existence. 

The community is always larger than the individual. A community of liberated is much larger than the single individual. If you can rise to the challenge and commit to rolling with this beast it will change your life.

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