Sunday, 31 July 2011

The failure of modern philosophy

This was an extract from my final ever incursion on to a forum under the banner of Ruthless Truth. It was around this time I realised that the insight of no self was only part of the picture and I realised that in order to get my message across I actually needed to study philosophy. 
Given that I never had done any philosophy before, I managed to survive the onslaught from numerous philosophers ridiculing me for the first few pages, and then I went toe to toe with Nhoj Morley, who administers the 'Project Reason' philosophy forums to this day. Thanks to Nhoj I was inspired to take up the discipline of philosophy and for that I am eternally grateful. This was my first post wading in to the discussion that Hicquodiam had started, hence all the negativity that ensued afterwards. Gh0$T 2015

I never ceased to be amazed by the stunning failure of philosophers. This is simply mind blowing, the most epic fail I have ever seen.
You can read the thread here:
But... here it is in all its glory

I tend to agree with you in one aspect. I just cannot sit and toil with the question: Is the self a cognitive illusion?

Then don't look

After sometime, it feels like there are other interesting things in life to spend some time on.
What if this was actually true?

I resolve it with: Self exists and doesn't exist simultaneously.

Wow and you call yourself a philosopher?
That is the most atom shallow philosophy I have ever seen. You do realise that this is a paradox? Are you a member of the capable review panel? No you can't be, can not be. No f**king way.
I mean seriously, is the level of your philosophy?

I resolve it with...

Basically you are applying a linguistic statement that a) is logically invailid and b) does not resolve the problem and you call this philosophy?

Christ alive.

This is the most stunning example of the abject failure of modern philosophy I have ever seen. This has got to be the most epic failure of philosophy I have ever beared witness to. I was actually going to post on here and discuss this with you lot but after seeing this, I have to question your ability and whether or not you actually care about the truth. Hey yeah I'm the new guy and all but wow, I am absolutely stunned. STUNNED.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Should I have had to write this... honestly?

RT rhetoric at its finest, however, even to this day I cannot fault what was said here. When people were looking on the forum, they were arguing in this manner until they were blue in the face. They were literally BLIND to reality and their own delusion. 
Sad but true, and an example of how trying to shove this down peoples throats was seriously counter productive - Gh0$T 2015 

Lets do an experiment...
Imagine a box. Any size you like, could be cardboard, could be wooden, hell could be a trunk, a treasure chest, a jewellery box, use your imagination but just imagine a box that is sealed closed.
Now, you have a stark image of a box, I want you to do the following:

First of all... I want you tell me what is inside the box. I want you tell me in no uncertain terms, what exactly is inside the box. It could be anything you want it to be.

Secondly... I want you to rationalise to yourself, why you believe that is what is inside the box. Imagine that on the box, there is a stamp with whatever contents you believe there is inside. Use that as a justification.

Finally... I want you to argue until you are blue in the face with me about the contents of the box.

Why on earth would I want you to this??
Is this not madness?? Lets look at this as a logical proposition...

There is a sealed box, you are telling me what is inside the box, rationalising to yourself why the box contains this and then arguing about it. This is the very opposite of logical and rational, how do we know what is inside the box? Would it not be better to open the box first?

On paper this sounds silly but in reality, this is a completely accurate analogy of what happens in real life. I'm serious, in real life this is exactly what is happening. People are imagining the contents of the box, labelling it and rationalising it and then will clearly argue with you about it all day, without ever checking to see what is really inside. If I told you there was a bomb in the box, I could bet that you would either want to run away or if you were feeling brave, see if I was bluffing or not.

In this instance, I am telling you that inside the box is something that is not magical but something that you could use to test all your beliefs and see if they hold true. Inside this box is what the Buddhists call non attachment. Inside this box is a degree of freedom from the core mechanism that causes thought to feedback in to itself and cause dysfunctional thought.

Do you believe what I am saying to you?
Do you actually believe something that you just read on the internet?
Do you go round from website to website accepting everything you come across as truth?
Do you believe everything you are told?
Do you believe me when I tell you that gullible has been taken out of the dictionary?

I would sincerely hope not.

But believe me when I say this... all you have to do is look, to see if it is true.

Surely people would be clamming to look inside the box, surely people would be hand over fist, trying to get a peek of if that is what is really inside the box... Surely with something like this, people would be keen to check out the box and open it up to see if it was really true, surely?

The sad truth is, people are neither running away from the box nor checking to see what is inside. What they are actually doing, is imagining, rationalising and then arguing about the contents of the box. In real life this is what they are doing. They make guesses, make idle conjecture, make wild statements about how what inside the box is wrong.

Only sometimes do people actually have the courage to look inside the box...

There are reasons that have been deduced but on a logical level it is just plain nuts when we look at it for what it is. Look at what is being said here and if you fit this category, then don't be a fucking pussy... actually look inside the box and see if it is true or not. Actually do this instead of guessing what is inside the box. Stop being retarded and open the box and actually check it out. If it is not what is claimed then you can walk away happy knowing what is really inside the box. Jeesh... Don't take my word for it, the only way to be sure is to actually open the box and check. Are you not the slightest bit curious?

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