Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hi folks, been very busy with examinations and numerous other things so blog has taken a back seat of late. To further compound my lack of posting, I have written many half finished posts and they are in various states of being nowhere near completion! I hope normal service will be resumed soon although being buried in coursework is not helping, and I have a new post nearly finished but just to keep you going I'll plug our new prologues book which is available free to download from here.


There are contributions from all the gang and this is particularly suited to someone who is new to the whole no-self malarky and wants a bit of background information without getting too heavy in to it. Hopefully it will pique your curiosity and inspire you to challenge your existing beliefs and you can always get assistance on the truth strike forum should you need any help in your quest to find out what exists in real life.

Enjoy :)

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