Experiment no. 4

EXPERIMENT No. 4 ~ Catch the thinker

Ok this next experiment is ongoing and I want you to take at least a week over this. After a week your reticular activation will be focussed on spotting more of these ocurrences and this will help you in the seeing.

What I want you to do is wear the frame of mind that there is no thinker behind the thinking, no doer behind the action and no experiencer behind the experiencing for one week.

I want you to catch yourself throughout the week whenever you can and become aware of what is happening. I want you to start becoming aware of what is actually coming up in your conscious domain when you are taking action.

For instance you might be doing something at work, when someone asks you a question out of the blue. You suddenly blurt out an answer but where was the thinker? You are having a conversation and then you realise you are doing a complex action of somekind but where was the doer?
All I want you to do is catch when you blurt out things automatically without thinking and when you take any actions, for instance eating food or driving, without thinking. Really home in on the autopilot nature of the body.

I want you to look fora thinker or a doer in your day to day actions and watch how much work the body does without you telling it to. The results will startle you.

For instance right now the thinker is in control right? Have a look at that drink that you have finished, the tea, coffee or whatever I told you to grab before. Now can you think back to when you set it down. Can you remember at what point the thinker was involved in consuming this drink. Once you started reading this and had sat down do you actually remember thinking about taking a sip from the drink or did it just happen anyway? Remember to use honesty here.

Ok check back here in a week or so and then if you can see what I'm saying, I can help you to do some deep inner looking. Do your observations concurr with mine? If so please tell me about your observations, I want to hear them
Maybe your ready to purge the lie...

The next step will require some courage and honest looking but if you are able to have the courage to be  honest to yourself, then the courage to look will also come to you.
The next stage is seemingly tricky but there really is nothing to it. Its no big mystery. "you" is just a thought, it doesn't actually refer to anything. It is a series of labels, projections and memories intertwined that give the illusion of a thinker behind the thinking. All you need to do is see it in reality and then your popped in to reality.

What can I do next?
Ok see the free resources section, there are plenty of resources there to help you along your way
I suggest you contact a liberated to help you with the autolysis, it makes the process quicker and some people are getting really good at it. Go to the ruthless arena and sign up there if you need some help or get stuck, some people opt to do this on their own but what ever way you choose, see this through to the end, its too important.
You can ask for me by name, my username is chan

You can do it and remember don't trust what we have to say, test it out for yourself.

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