Sunday, 31 July 2011

The failure of modern philosophy

This was an extract from my final ever incursion on to a forum under the banner of Ruthless Truth. It was around this time I realised that the insight of no self was only part of the picture and I realised that in order to get my message across I actually needed to study philosophy. 
Given that I never had done any philosophy before, I managed to survive the onslaught from numerous philosophers ridiculing me for the first few pages, and then I went toe to toe with Nhoj Morley, who administers the 'Project Reason' philosophy forums to this day. Thanks to Nhoj I was inspired to take up the discipline of philosophy and for that I am eternally grateful. This was my first post wading in to the discussion that Hicquodiam had started, hence all the negativity that ensued afterwards. Gh0$T 2015

I never ceased to be amazed by the stunning failure of philosophers. This is simply mind blowing, the most epic fail I have ever seen.
You can read the thread here:
But... here it is in all its glory

I tend to agree with you in one aspect. I just cannot sit and toil with the question: Is the self a cognitive illusion?

Then don't look

After sometime, it feels like there are other interesting things in life to spend some time on.
What if this was actually true?

I resolve it with: Self exists and doesn't exist simultaneously.

Wow and you call yourself a philosopher?
That is the most atom shallow philosophy I have ever seen. You do realise that this is a paradox? Are you a member of the capable review panel? No you can't be, can not be. No f**king way.
I mean seriously, is the level of your philosophy?

I resolve it with...

Basically you are applying a linguistic statement that a) is logically invailid and b) does not resolve the problem and you call this philosophy?

Christ alive.

This is the most stunning example of the abject failure of modern philosophy I have ever seen. This has got to be the most epic failure of philosophy I have ever beared witness to. I was actually going to post on here and discuss this with you lot but after seeing this, I have to question your ability and whether or not you actually care about the truth. Hey yeah I'm the new guy and all but wow, I am absolutely stunned. STUNNED.


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