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The difference between seeing and knowing

I agree with everything you say and yes it is greed due to the delussional "I" and not money that causes great many evils but what about revenge. There is a saying in the old Indian epic Mahabaratha that the state of revenge is the most sublime of human condition.for instance if someone hits you and have a laugh and runs away at you don't you run and chase around them desparate to have a go at them.what about feeling of vengence. Among animals only elephants are known to have them as they are capable of revenge but they are also capable of self recognition.

Revenge is hard wired in to us in that respect. There is an evolutionary function for it that relates to survival and it would also have played a role in early sociobiology and evolutionary psychology. There is a perceived threat to the life and social status in that respect and potentially, we could be seeing the beginnings of intelligence in elephants, they certainly have a large brain size, although I would hardly suggest it has the neural structure that we do. Unfortunately we won't be around to see if this conjecture is true.

Certainly it raises the question that if an elephant has memory recall and is self aware in the present, then we can ask does an elephant have the capacity for an imagination?
In order for revenge to occur, there has to be some kind of capacity in which the organism is able to future project revenge. Or could it simply be that as the perpetrator is recognised, this is an automatic response?

Well we know the saying “an elephant never forgets”. This indicates that elephants hold grudges!!! They do not apply “revenge” instantaneously, as elephant keepers will tell you, they will wait for an opportunity down the line. This indicates that it is not in fact reflexive and that there could be an element of future intention involved. This is mind blowing stuff.

Does these indicates "I" is at incapable to get rid.
Just because this I function is realised as illusory: I.E there are thoughts about an agent in charge of the thoughts, actions and experience, that clearly does not exist. It doesn't mean that the thoughts themselves are illusory. The I function operates the same way as it always has, except that the idea of duality is no longer supported.

So yes, nothing really changes in that respect, the same thoughts arise but as there is non dual awareness, the notions of a false self to make meaning out of things, to have self esteem, to beat up with via thought, is removed. The engine of dysfunction is collapsed when this is seen in real life. There is no separation between life and experience, it is all one.

May be I am confused!
How knowing is different from seeing/realising?

Ok the brain operates on a cause and effect conditioning level, we can easily debunk cause and effect as an illusory concept but it is a breaking down of chunk level processing, similar to bytes for a computer. I.e it processes in packets and this give us the idea of cause and effect, which works great.... for neural processing functionality.

So if you were afraid of spiders, the body is conditioned to trigger the flight response upon a pattern match of a spider. Now, this fear is irrational (well if you live in the UK it is) because there are no venomous spiders in the UK. 

So even if if I reasoned with you that this was the case, showed you the test data of ever spiders toxicity, showed you the test results of spiders jaws power and how it was unable to break the skin, demonstrate all knowledge about every spider, reports from arachnologists, all the data on medical admissions due to spiders, I mean everything. I could spend weeks convincing you that this was the case but as soon as you see a spider, the flight response would still trigger.

If there is any irrational fear you can think of, the only way to overcome it, is to actually face the fear directly so the conditioning is broken.
Now if we apply this to the illusory “self”, we see that it still works the same. Just because we are aware there is no thinker, it is an illusion, it doesn't mean that thought patterns stop processing in terms of a self being there. Hence no matter how hard you try and think, you can not actually WILL your conditioning to be over ridden. This is simply because there is no self there to over ride the conditioning anyway!

We have to literally see that thoughts about self, refer to nothing, it is simply a tricking of the mind that has always been believed to be real and as such represents a deep core belief. But... it is simply only that; nothing more than a belief.

Just because we know what the real deal is, it doesn't mean the primitive systems of our brain update with new knowledge. I.E The neo cortex does not over ride conditioning stored from pattern matching. The only way to break this conditioning is to actually update the pattern matching faculty.

By seeing in real life that there is no you and this is actually what is happening in reality, this means the brains model is no longer cogent with reality and it must necessarily update itself. This gives rise to non – dual awareness. This is actually the final realisation in enlightenment but it can be simply witnessed in reality by anyone.

The result of seeing this, is the engine of dysfunction is rendered inert. Cognitive dissonance can not spiral out of control and hence suffering, finding meaning from external objects, outcome orientation, self esteem are all rendered defunct as there is nothing in reality to relate it to any more. The thoughts exist but there is no you, hence they do not feedback in to each other any more.

We can prove this by doing simple experiments, to come to a logical understanding and after that it is simply a case of doing some deep inner looking, to witness what is actually happening in real life and break the conditioning of a deeply entrenched core belief. So it takes some effort to see but this is freedom from the human condition. I'll blog this, as its a fascinating point you raised about revenge.


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