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Death of Ruthless Truth

Remember the box on the table example, you have assumed what is in the box, questioned me, countered my claims but really I have seen the contents already, so it is kind of a non argument for me. However, I will definitely concede that some of the assumptions that I made around this discovery were conceived dogmatically and you, my fellow readers and objectors, have helped me to temper them in to something workable. We have explored ontology, epistemology, psychology, even ethics and neuroscience, which was fun. You have even inadvertently pop riveted heavy armour plating on to the argument. Thing is, it does not need this armour plating.

It never did, it actually stands all on its own, because it is something true that can be observed by anyone willing to take the time to see it.

It is like, well... real.

As in 'real' real, in real life and not just a notion of belief, or comfort thinking. There is no you, you do not exist. It is actually a falsifiable claim but if you do not reach the gate, then it is falsified in your mind and you are hopelessly lost. Now this creates a problem, since we have a proposition that:

a) May or may not be true.

b) Even if you don't see what I see, then you are still wrong.

c) The only evidence we had, has been deleted by our benefactor, who has gone to start a no self cult that costs £1000 to liberate you, or else, we would have a list of a few hundred people who can verify this experience.

I mean... That is quite a big problem from where we are both standing and how do I explain ridiculous claims like this?

It sounds like bull shat before we start. Yep... it does.

This is what screwed ruthless truth.

Since it requires a degree of belief that it may be true or not true before we start, as in you have to treat it like a real hypothesis and try to falsify it, it is actually easily to falsify in your mind and walk away from. It actually requires a degree of belief to see it through to the end. You have to believe that your freedom lies at the end of it somewhat. The only clue we can give you, to show you that there is truth, is that we can highlight your utter dishonesty with yourself and that validates your reasoning for going down the path. Some give up, others have the courage to push to the end. It is a matter of you seeing your own dishonesty that counts. We don't like to be told how dishonest we are but to be fair, we have seen the dishonesty that humans are capable of round these parts.

You, are likely not of that persuasion, you scoff and point out flaws in the argument. You have a degree of disbelief and so are unwilling to even look. Well, that is because I can't persuade you to look. I can't appeal to your reason and I cannot stand the reams of junk, that is your precious self. I am sick of slashing out at your ego, only for you to run away and regroup your dishonest thought patterns to preserve your vanity in anyway that you can. Quite frankly it does disgust me. In many ways humanity is becoming a cesspit of toxic waste. I feel bad I couldn't do more but its like the toxicity is irreversible in many ways, that is why it needed a die hard attitude and a fire and brimstone approach but... it was unsustainable.

That is the problem we are subject to here and I am put in the position of an almost lowly religious theologian. The hilarious thing is... I actually have something huge to show you that requires no belief to see if it is actually real or not.

As I started on forum incursion, I used a few brain dead arguments, such as, putting the burden of proof on to you, which I will shamefully admit. I will also admit the parallels with the theist argument for intelligent design. It amounts to nothing more than a cowardly cop out. It is the absolute paragon of the failure of humanity's intellectual capacities, the equivalent of a weak and slithering human surrender, I am incensed by their god of the gaps thinking and I have had to draw parallels with what I am doing here.

Every time you have another explanation, I can always trump it with no self. I know it is actually true in real life but it must come across as almost “god of the gaps thinking” in style, to other people. Any argument can be usurped with there is no self and it must sound like a crock of nonsense to some. I admit it, it does. The actual proposition is nonsense at first glance that no one can relate to, yet it is a universal truth that is a fundamental aspect of reality, there is no you, you don't exist. Life lives itself, LOOK.

Literally, some arguments require I really dive inside what you are saying and I am mindful of making mistakes but I'm driving a tank of truth, which can easily crush your lies but you would never thank me for it and you can reassemble the fragments of your precious ego in to a new defence, before I make another pass. And this can go for time. And quite frankly. And quite frankly. And quite frankly it sends me to sleep. That you cannot muster the requisite honesty to look in real life. I cannot complain it took me two weeks of slithering before I looked but I did it myself. I was one of the most dishonest laden, excuse mongering weakling and even I managed to crack it on my own. This bodes well for you and humanity at large.

I have not wanted to argue with you despite the useful learning exercise, I have only tried to get you to accept that it might be worth looking at this proposition, I have maintained this from the start. Just that one thing LOOK, there is no you, you are nothing more than a thought.

Now I look and I know, for a fact, I am coming from a ridiculous position. Really, it is completely ridiculous to the point of incredulity. This is the impossible situation I am arguing from. Its a no brainer.

My argument follows this burden of proof idea and I cannot escape this flaw. I mean jeesh... what else can I say, I am levelling with you here. I am coming from a defensible position but like a slithering theist, that is all that they have, a defensible position. All I have is something that may or may not be true, except mine is actually true! Do you not see how stupid this sounds? Well I didn't see it this way because I know what I am doing is true and real.

Does this sound familiar to another bunch of crackpots LMFAO!!!

How does this sound to others? It even sounds like a worthless theist cop out, no different in how it sounds, actually. In fact it is amazing, the one thing, the actual one thing that could stop a lot of mankind's unnecessary suffering is, wait for it.... packaged up in nearly the same way as a theists version of “saving mankinds unnecessary suffering”. It requires an experiential proof that I can only say will be discovered for yourself.

It would be laughable in the highest degree, if it wasn't for how frustrating this fact is.

In mimicking this position inadvertantly, I look like I am on a conversion mission, which inherently, as this is life changing, that is exactly what it actually amounts to by the very act of selling this or pushing people in to it.

Everyone automatically puts up resistance to the idea and so are unwilling to look at it. If there is nothing in the idea to start with, it is pointless looking for people and you, yes YOU fit this category. The only way I can get people to look is focus on the liberation aspect as a used car salesman, or bully them in to looking by being hostile on forums and carving up their ego, such as you saw with my initial tactics.

I'm like a theist saying “Come to my church and pray and see if there is a god, just LOOK, see if there is a god, just look honestly drivel, drivel...”.

Yes, it is total garbage on face value and you are right not to look, I concede. It is only my claim that I have evidence which, in a philosophical world, if I am honest, is less than nothing, since I can't actually demonstrate it, you can only do that for yourself. Therefore this claim is worthless, without investigation and you know what? You are so full of odious shit and lies, that you won't even bother, you will just shrug your shoulders and walk away back to your pitiful story, or, you have the honesty to face up to the lies you tell yourself, that is the challenge.

How do I dress up the truth any differently? Easy answer, it can't be done. Ever.

The best camoflauge for anything of real value, is disguising it as something, that parallels a worthless religion. All I can really do is laugh at the irony of it. You could not make it up, really. This alone would point to evidence of a god fucking with us!!! (please know I am kidding yeah?)

Lets be real though, there is no god and there is no self. The Budhists know it, the upanishads, the advaitans and the Hindu's know it. The Zen, the cha'an, they all know it. Now... so do you, there is no self in real life, you don't exist.

The more I pressure you to look, the less likely you are to look.

There is no self, look and you will be free

Let Jesus christ in to your heart and you will be free

I mean what is the difference really?

I know one is true bwahaha!!!! Wow if we could assign a value to statements, they wouldn't be worth wiping my ass with. Religion is a crock of garbage we can never prove is false, it is just as absurd to you to look at no self, than it is to look and see if there was a god. Except I can save you the bother, neither exists and no self is something we can experientially validate, if you can be bothered to look.

So thats it. Don't look. Honestly, don't bother now its over. I don't care if you look or not so drop the assumption I am trying to get you to look from now on, I am focussing on getting people free who want to look and debating the implications of no self for humanity, in order to show people how they can deepen their freedom. Funnily enough, the guy who discovered this has started charging money to free people (£1000) and a further £500 to deepen their freedom.

We are human, we are flawed, seeing no self does not mean you are fixed, you are still the same flawed human being but the difference is, you can see when you are being dishonest, if you really want to and you are free from the burden of lying to yourself and can work at your flaws, or accept them.

So if you keep telling yourself its going to be ok, its not true, at all, your life is an abject failure. If it was not true, why would you have to tell yourself everything will be ok? Do you not see this lie you keep propagating? No. You have never likely squared up to look at your life and to be fair honesty is something to fear rather than a virtue.

The truth? You can't handle the truth. Why not see if something is true and escape from this mess that you call your life. I only promise that you will be able to see through the reams of shit you have accumulated and that is very liberating. That is all there is on the table, nothing more. Your freedom to live however you want to live. This is not freedom from anything, this is freedom to. This is what we are talking about.

I genuinely believed this would be something that would prevail. I thought this one thing would save humanity, I was wrong. It is so tragic. I am part of the reason it failed. I believed the lies that I told myself “once I do this, I'll have more time to devote to freeing people” and I denied that I seeked an identity from liberating people. I did in all reality and I lied to myself. I failed too. I am not writing this as my excuse, we all have books of excuse, I have no further need to justify myself other than I failed because I got sucked in to another lie.

I'm a failure, I'm a worm... Oh well shit happens, lets go and get an ice cream.

All that is left is for me to do is get this shit out there and make it available to people who are interested. I don't want to charge people for liberations from self and I think a non aggressive approach is all I can realistically do now. I can't sell it, as it is cunningly disguised as a worthless religion, that was the problem all along but you can take it for free, just email me and I will help you to see it. All it will be, is me highlighting your dishonesty in your investigation of the claim. No belief required in fact an anti belief stance will be useful.

So, I don't think I can be any more honest than that really, I am lucky that the position I am arguing from has been highlighted to me and the tragic similarity to religion makes it a non argument to most people. But... every word I have said is true, there is no self and I stand behind it wholeheartedly. You don't really exist, you are an illusion. But if you want my help for FREE, I will push you to the truth, cajole you and I will lay down the fire when necessary. Sound fair enough? I don't care about your story, we all have a make believe fantasy in which we invest and we all have vasst quantities of baggage that really, it is all our own fault, except we were lied to. We believed in the self.

If you are interested in being honest, then give me a shout. Its down to you now people, you are responsible for your own liberation, I will help you if you want but I am not hard selling it and you will have to work towards it yourself. If you are new to this, you should count yourself lucky that I am willing to guide you to this realisation for free.

The choice is yours, this is your freedom we are talking about here.

Can you face your own dishonesty? Is the challenge I present to you.


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