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Enlightenment "DeBuNkEd"

Oh dear. This is a pitiful post written by someone who had no clue what they were talking about. Oh wait that was me :) I have edited some parts out and toned it down where necessary. Ghost 2013

When we talk about enlightenment, immediately we think of Hindu gurus, Buddhist monks, meditation, chanting, impossible yoga poses, self enquiry and a whole host of other things. Its probably a perception by those who have no clue about spirituality, that it takes ten years of meditating all day to become enlightened and its some magic thing that happens to mystics etc... This is what I used to think anyway and it turns out I was totally wrong. Whilst universal truth can be obtained this way, it all revolves around a central core idea which I will share with you shortly. If you meditate long enough, there is no way that you cannot see it eventually.

I see Buddhist monks accepting offerings of food every morning on the way to work. I see a whole religion built around enlightenment right here, where I am living. It kind of makes me chuckle. I wish I spoke Thai well enough, so I could tell one of the young monks "you don't exist" and explain them to look for the lack of a thinker. Maybe it would save them 10 years of their life beating around the bush trying to solve the riddles and koans layed down by Buddha!

Tell the monks about anatta, are you for real Mr virus? Ghost 2013

 But there again its like me telling some ideologically blinded christian that there is no god. Then they just cling to their delusion and reject everything you tell them and revert back to their circular logic to justify why they have their belief.

The bible is the truth = the truth is the bible

I am having thought because I exist = I exist because I am having thought

The problem with enlightenment is, its a false grail. It is seen as the paragon of human accomplishment by many.
Some even think you have to build up spiritual power to be worthy of being bestowed such an honour.
This is just a preconception based in.... well.... nothing as simple as it is.

As Shakespeare put it "Much ado about nothing!"

The whole thing is a complete load of bollocks, it is literally nothing, truth be told.


Very narrow minded and incorrect. Ghost 2013

 You see the problem with the enlightenment thing, is people
mean it to take that "you" attain enlightenment. As if there is some entity that becomes enlightened at the end of it all.
Then all your fears, all your problems disappear by magic and you continue to live happily ever after as yourself. You
have attained enlightenment, you are all wise, all seeing, in touch with the infinite, its stil the same but with all the negativity taken away, only joy is left.. blah blah blah....

There is a degree of truth here but it was grounded in the wrong place. Ghost 2013

Nothing could be further from the truth. You no longer derive your sense of self from these things, is the crux of it all

because it is realised self = there is no "you" as such behind the thinking and actions.

Don't get me wrong there is inner peace and clarity. This state brings great wisdom but to be fair it doesn't mean you
suddenly jump up in IQ points, it is simply because life is not passed through the filter of self anymore. This is all it really
is. You don't even gain clarity, the veil is removed from reality and it gives normal vision again, rather than a skewed
perception. Rather, seeing the truth is the cleansing of the things that muddy our perception in the first place, seeing the truth resets us to our default as it were.

The fiction of the self is just one layer of delusion and there are many more layers after this. Ghost 2013

Yes, we were all born "enlightened", all that happens is a false self is created by conditioning and when this is seen for the fallacy that it is, it ends up having the fancy name of enlightenment, when really all it is; is the seeing that there is no you in reality. Because all "you" really is, is a mental construct, made up of thoughts, ideas, projections and memories that form the illusion of a "you" behind the thinking. It is really that simple, there is no "you". This is the whole core behind "enlightenment" which in itself is not real either, as there is nothing to enlighten anyway.

But... this does not mean all delusion drops away and that is where I fell for the illusion immediately after this. Ghost 2013

So there truly is nothing to enlighten, there is no you to enlighten whatsoever. There never was, hence there cannot be any such thing as enlightenment. 

This argument is far from sound. Ghost 2013

It becomes obvious that enlightenment is not a "special" whistle and bells state, it is
actually being the experience of life itself. Total oneness with being, rather than the illusion of being an entity that has
thoughts and experience. (sorry for the new age jargon).

In Buddhas own words:
"There is nothing that will attain, there is nothing that won't attain".

Ok lets decrypt this riddle:
1. There is no you, you don't exist
2. There is nothing to attain
3. There is nothing that won't attain since "enlightenment" is already present.

The buddha speaks the truth here it is a shame that I thought I was preaching the truth. Ghost 2013

Coming straight from the kingpin of spirituality itself. In fact I am going to make it a special weekly feature to decrypt all
his riddles. When I first started looking in to all this spirituality stuff, I marveled at all his words of wisdom and the depth of it all. Now I see straight through them for the shallow twisted product of the lie that they are: They distract people from the truth, not help them see it.

Completely wrong and an example of the kind of RT rhetoric prevalent at the time. Ghost 2013

I didn't see point 3 initially, I started writing this blog and I only noticed the first two points. Then it suddenly became so obvious that it just jumped straight out at me. I can't believe I missed it initially! This whole post is essentially communicating the meaning of this teaching of the Buddha.

You see the whole enlightenment seeking thing becomes a barrier to becoming enlightened as it were. The very thing
people are trying to find, instead they are actually distracting themselves from the truth. These distractions come in the
forms of gurus, home study courses, new age books and tomes of Eastern philosophy. Yeah all the eastern philosophy is true "from a certain point of view" being the cliche....

Through the eyes of truth, it all makes sense but to your average seeker, it is a set of riddles. People even build a whole new identity out of seeking, even people who are enlightened make a whole new identity out of being enlightened. You see your already enlightened, you just can't see it is all!

True, people do make another ego out of it, this is clearly an example of my 'enlightened' ego! Ghost 2013

This is how powerful this lie is, we have already seen this. Read Eckhart Tolle for instance, his wonderful insights in to
presence and non attachment etc.. I read these things a few years ago and thought wow. It even seemed to me that this
sort of "strength of mind" must take real concentration and wisdom.

I wanted to be "non attached" to things, I wanted to stop the causes of suffering in my life. I wanted what he had.

Do you not see it, right now in the above statement, read it again. Can you see the attachment?


This is the attachment itself. Wanting non attachment, is an attachment. So how do we become non attached?
Remove the want by removing the self and then there is no attachment remaining.

My highlight in bold. The desire for wanting non - attachment is itself an attachment and this is the nature of the lock we are trying to ease apart. Our desire for freedom is an attachment and this in turn creates a yearning for some thing. This is not removed by seeing the false self, although it gives great insight. Ghost 2013

How do we remove the self?

LOOK in reality and see for yourself, that it just isn't there, it is a complex mental construct that forms an illusion. "You" is nothing more than a mere thought.

Anyone who claims they are non attached without seeing the truth, are denying their reality, because if life is seen through
the filter of self, the self is derived from attachment. If they are not attached to one identity, they cling strongly to another.

Non attachment cannot be realised through self, it is actually impossible since this is the fundamental basis of self. This is
how the illusion of self manifests itself. Its as absurd as saying "I don't want to be plastic" if you were actually constructed entirely of Lego!

But.... enlightenment is not the destruction of self, it is the acknowledgement of what self is, an illusion. If any of you are
doing self inquiry or spiritual autolysis, I can save you alot of work. The final answer in the puzzle? There is no you, its an
ilusion. This is the final bedrock of truth.

Wrong, it is only part of the truth. Ghost 2013

If the truth of this statement could even be seen by yourself, you would be actually on the gateway of liberation itself and
you could simply walk straight through in to reality.

The brain likes a nice idea it can conceptualize. It likes a logical explaination of what is going on, this is why it cannot be explained in language it can only be seen through the eyes of honesty. There is no "you" is not  a puzzle or a concept it is  just a realisation. This is all the thinking you need to do. When this is realised, this is the first step to enlightenment.
Then all you have to do is actually LOOK in reality and verify the truth in this statement and that is it. POP! Welcome to

If only it was so simple! Ghost 2013

There was a guy on Ruthless Truth who had already seen this truth. He was expecting the world to stop and some kind of "shift" to happen. There is a shift but it is only metaphorical. This was the block to his seeing of the truth. Your frame of reference to reality undergoes a paradigm shift of sorts but there is no shift as such because there is nothing that changes.

No magic, just seeing the blatant and obvious truth of it all. 
Its so silly to even believe there is an entity thinking the thoughts, doing the actions and experiencing the
experience. Rather its just the all encompassing view of reality that had been hidden from view.

A subtle change (well nothing changed at all really) but with massive ramifications on how things are seen. 

The simple truth is how can something you have never seen before be known? You can have an idea about a blind date
but until you see the date in reality, how can you know if she is hot or not? No matter how many descriptions your given,
you would never know without seeing it for yourself. This is the truth of it right here.

Someone tells you enlightenment is some amazing zen trip in to infinite love, when in reality its not even a real thing, it is merely a label for something that doesn't exist.
It also becomes an attachment for someone, so they build it up to be some incredible thing, when really it is simply the truth, nothing more.

So basically your argument is: you trying to tell others, that something you have never seen, that doesn't exist anyway, that is a projection of your own mind, that was influenced by second hand material that you have read, is in fact what enlightenment really is. Yes, all the eastern philosophy is your second hand knowledge, its not your own knowledge. You just decided to adopt it as a belief system. I challenge you to drop that right now and take a good look in reality at the universal truth, "you" do not exist.

The truth in what they say in Eastern philosophy is right on
the money but it only makes sense fully once you have seen the universal truth; there is no you. The funny thing is you are already liberated, you just haven't actually seen it yet. People tell us "my ego keeps taking control again".

NO. There is no ego. There are thoughts that are egoic in nature but no ego. Ego is a concept termed by Freud for certain thought patterns. Enlightenment is not the death of ego. It never existed in the first place to die. "You" never existed in the first place to enlighten. Its all a schill the whole thing. A lie of self.

The ego is simply the illusion, however, the brains firmware (if you allow this analogy) propagates this illusion and makes it seem real to us, even post self this holds true. That aside I don't know why I felt qualified to comment on years of Eastern philosophy. How foolish I was. Ghost 2013

There is only the truth, once seen, the whole facade comes down and you can see reality for the first time andexperience life through the eyes of truth. The more invested you get with gurus and home study courses and all the like, the further
from the truth it actually takes you. All you need to do is some hardcore looking in a focussed capacity and the truth is
there, you just have to lift the veil of illusion and take an honest look in reality.

"So how do I see it?"

Can you test your beliefs in reality, you believe you exist, do you believe it so strongly you are willing to put it to the test?
Can you bear to test this belief out in reality? No "you" is not oblivion, non existence or nihilism.

Rather, realising no "you" IS existence. It is the realisation that there is nothing more than the experience itself and there is
no you behind the thinking and actions that arise. Freedom.

This is going to take some comitment from yourself. All you need is a bit of courage and a shred of  honesty. Then you

can see this universal truth and purge yourself of the lie. Check out the FAQ's and then do the thought experiments. Then
you are ready to take the step of looking at this truth.




odrareg said...

You talk too much! Just say that you want us to take on the mentality of being detached.

Gh0$T V1Ru$ said...

Hi Odrareg, I wouldn't say I want you to do that because if you wanted to take on that mentality it becomes an attachment for you! That is the tricky lock I was trying to work as detachment arises naturally rather than something we should strive for. I agree with you though, far too much talking when I was clueless!

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