Sunday, 27 March 2011

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Trying to impose my views on an English teacher lol! Nothing of value here. Ghost 2013

Ok, lets talk about it.
Basically there are two types of people, those can summon up the courage to look at the truth and those that can't. I mean fuck it its really that simple, either you look and get free or you don't look and what that means is you are afraid to see if there is any truth in it, which I will admit.... at first it seems scary.

Fuck it does, those words are potent "there is no you, you are an illusion". The self is threatened by these words, the lie will do all it can to avoid being unveiled. This is the point where you have to have so much faith in your belief that there is a "you", you have to put it to the test.

Do you have the conviction to put your belief to the ultimate test: Reality? Do you believe so strongly that there is a "you"? If so then put it in the fires of truth and see if it comes out through intact on the other side.
Yes you need to have faith in your belief to do this. Do you really have so much faith in your belief?

You may think why should I test it? But now someone has called in to question your belief. I have bought this to your attention. Can you ignore this doubt, or would you rather resolve it once and for all? Remember just saying I know it to be true is clinging to your belief, not testing it. Can you turn your back on this doubt and sweep it under the carpet? Or for once in your life can you test the shaky ground you stand on.

But really... there is either taking a look and seeing if its false or seeing if it could in fact be true. You are right to be curious and cautious. Do not take my word for it, you have every right to be skeptical and should be too. Don't trust this, test it.

It takes courage to look at the truth and honesty. Not everyone it seems is capable of both. The opposite of truth is cowardice.
It is not a lie that is the opposite of truth, it IS cowardice quite simply.
The only thing to do is either ignore it and walk away or look to see if its true or false. If its false you can go back to your life in the knowledge that everything you believed is true.

I implore you to muster up the courage to look but if you choose not to then I respect your decision as I won't push you any more than this. I will never mention it again and things can go back to normal. But should you ever need the missing piece of the puzzle hit me up.


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