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Advaitan conspiracy

This was an extract of a FB discussion, in the RT days, about the Advaita mob who proliferate many spiritual internet forums and the like. I originally masqueraded as 'Chan' on Ruthless Truth before I later became known as ghostvirus.
At the time this was written my understanding was minimal and full of assumptions, as it was before I realised that Advaitan conceptions of true self and buddhist conceptions of no self are pointers to the same thing. 

Its not really fair to criticise another way of going about the same thing, however, the way I saw things at the time was that these folk held steadfast to their beliefs and they saw what we were doing as contradictory to their religion. When they were preaching "I am awareness" we saw it as identifying with the self through the back door, and they were also going great lengths to sabotage the work of RT. 
Like ourselves, there were many spirtualists who were guilty of being judgmental, and they saw this Buddhist approach we were using as dangerous, and confounding their religious doctrine. 

Some however, were trying to be helpful and point out our dogmatism at RT, as they recognised that we had discovered the key to triggering the insight of Anatta. There was a war of words during this period of time which I can hardly be proud of, but we certainly exposed a lot of charlatans and bullshitters. 
Conversely, we were also highlighted for our dogmatism, as we were genuinely convinced at this time that we had discovered how to trigger enlightenment lol! This post was a lack of understanding on the part of RT members and myself in part, however, there certainly is a large section of this spiritual community who are completely lost in their beliefs and are making no progress. 

There are a lot of deceitful charlatans in this community as well as some brilliant enquirers and visionaries. The only way to be sure of what anybody tells you, is that it has a referent in direct experience. 
Until such time as you have discovered this, you need to be agnostic until it is demonstrated both logically and experientially  - Gh0$T 2014 

Re: Advaita Spirituality: Swapping out the "I am"

by danmc » Thu May 19, 2011 1:21 am
Thanks chan, that was very well put.

I hope you don't think I was promoting Advaita belief, I was actually criticizing it. (Maybe I misunderstood your last couple of lines.)

I myself went from believing Zen to believing Advaita and then after lingering around here reading posts came to see the bullshit and misunderstandings in both.

Advaita talks about "no self" but it is also filled with a lot of "you are Awareness"..."you are Love"..."you are Presence" jibberish that a lot of people go for becaue Awareness, Love, and Presence sound a whole lot better than a decaying body and crazy mind that will one day perish. Also, the belief in "no self" simply becomes a belief in a self believing in "no self."

You mention "fullyrealized" and his post and that's an example I think of other people coming from this perspective.

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Re: Advaita Spirituality: Swapping out the "I am"

by viv » Thu May 19, 2011 2:01 am
Nice rant, Chan. Couldn't agree more.

And Dan: THIS >> "Advaita talks about "no self" but it is also filled with a lot of "you are Awareness"..."you are Love"..."you are Presence" jibberish that a lot of people go for becaue Awareness, Love, and Presence sound a whole lot better than a decaying body and crazy mind that will one day perish. Also, the belief in "no self" simply becomes a belief in a self believing in "no self."

Advaita and neo-advaita and non-duality have become the new Zen Buddhism and Taoism. They don't worship a God, they worship no-self. As though no-self was a 'something' to be attained.

If you're bound, I'm not free.

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Re: Advaita Spirituality: Swapping out the "I am"

by chan » Thu May 19, 2011 9:32 pm
@ dan, No I didn't think that, it just struck the right chord for me to stoke the fire.
Yeah this labelling mallarkey is silly, I certainly think we are justified in questioning advita as it just a distraction from reality that they are offering, it does not tally with reality at all. These sages are just filling peoples heads with shit. Whilst I appreciate they are dismantling their conditioning and beliefs as they go, I think that they are swapping one set of corrupted beliefs for another - not totally pointless but a long winded methodology never the less. Why do you need devotion and karma to realise the truth? These are nothing more than beliefs that are second hand knowledge and not acquired first hand in reality. I suppose when you meditate, it feels right, yeah?

It is simply life living itself, no you it is an illusion.

Why not move beyond the belief system and look at truth, then dismantle the unwanted conditioning?
Well... this is outside their belief structure so they don't entertain it. If RT is against one thing it is belief.

Some of their weak ass shit just makes me sick, it really does, I am sure if they read this they will have some kind of belief like "HUHHHH! If he is enlightened how can he feel sick at the thought of that, he can't be enlightened" and there goes the circular logic process as they believe in this stupid I am love, I am awareness,
"If I am love I can never feel anger"... "oh why do I feel anger, never mind lets like totally meditate for 3 hours and chant I am peace and love This is actually denying what IS in reality, hippie type fucking bullshit.

Newsflash anger is a useful emotion for an organism

You throw insults at them, to engage them and they defend it with the circular logic they learn from their scriptures. "Hostility is weakness" and that usual religious shit where they have an answer for everything, rather than facing up to the truth. Each time it is some quote, every time they are faced with questions, you hear scriptures as their reply. Yes, it is ideology we are actually dealing with in many ways, the parallels are there in christianity. Argue with a priest and he will quote scripture at you all day, until you get to a belief of "the truth is the bible, the bible is the truth". However this circular logic is just a stasis field for belief. The same ideas of universal truth, wrapped in a load of BS.
To be fair to advita at least they are not quite so mired in shit and there may be an end result. Also they are not on a conversion mission and are not trying to scare people in to submitting to some mickey mouse idea of a god in the sky, that is also in your head, ready to pass judgement at the end of your life for every little mistake you made... Give them some credit.

Neither religions though, have the balls to look at this universal truth on face value, as it is contrary to their belief system.

You may say "I am love" but there is no love, it is a biochemical reaction, this has been proven years ago. It is an evolutionary function for gestation and child rearing. Call me a nihilist if you like but nihilism fails miserably as a premise, as it assumes that there is a judgment of what has inherent value in the first place.
Is my life empty?
No because nothing has any value anyway it just is in existence, that in itself IS the actual value of everything.
Love is a concept, a feeling arises that is labelled love and an organism enjoys this but it is a neurochemical reward system. Sorry to piss on your chips but you are really saying I am the biochemical reward system of the human brain. How can "you" be a bunch of chemicals, where does one have the threshold of this ownership of a chemical reaction.

You may say I am deluded, I too have silly beliefs still but one thing I can see, is reality with open eyes and honesty in terms of this concept of self.

If we take away the veil of "I am love" it is nothing more than utter dishonesty with yourself.
GRRRRRR... Fuckers, fuck your beliefs...

Its time for some reality


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