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Beggaring belief - part VI

Part I Here

Here it is spelled out for you as concisely and plainly as possible. So how do we get to feel great all the time?

The simple answer is, that it is impossible. We can feel content and serene most of the time though, that is possible. Once we stop searching for something to bring us happiness, once we stop investing in to our illusory attachments and once we stop beating ourselves up over these trivial failures that we think of as perceived blocks to our happiness, then we can achieve a degree of peacefulness and break out of this cycle.

So after all this what can I really say apart from this is not ground breaking, nor is it some amazing conception. It is simply me trying to put it in to layman's terms for those that are not yet liberated.

The funny thing is if we remove the self from the equation, we actually breakdown the model at this point.

Whilst it still holds true, we have actually removed the core component of the model, the illusion of self. Since “I am not good enough” actually refers to a fictional reference, what we now observe is that in fact all the attachments are no longer there and the engine that produces the negative thoughts about the fictional entity becomes inert.

Once the self is removed from the equation, the attachment to outcome disappears and when things don't go the way you wanted, there is actually no identification made in the outcome anyway...

It is just accepted for what it is.

What really happens is, there is no entity called self to actually invest in to the equation anymore, no sense of self to be derived from any outcomes. When you realise that it actually is a fictional idea, then it becomes apparent that all the suffering is actually illusory in nature, produced by this engine of dysfunction.

It is not real because there is no entity called you that actually exists in real life. Whilst the mind still produces negative thoughts and the neuro - chemical “punishment”, these are actually a useful tool for an organism and as such are viewed as feedback in existential experience.

Once it is seen that there is no you, the feedback cycle of negative thoughts feeding back in to each other and causing this cognitive dissonance is essentially disrupted. Whilst the thought complexes may begin to form, there is the clear seeing in reality that they are in reference to nothing and as such, these thought complexes no longer are able to gain the momentum they once had.

 Essentially the brain does not have the belief in them, since it is realised that thoughts about the self refer to nothing. There is no you in real life it is an illusion. Any reference in thought to yourself or what something makes you as a person, is simply fantasy.

This is liberation, realising that the thought that occurs in terms of “I” is actually in reference to nothing. This is not denying your own existence, there is a body that is experiencing life, there is still thought but the references in this thought that refer to the illusory self are seen as fallacious.

That does not mean that they stop occurring but there is the clear seeing of reality and the seeing that they are entirely illusory in nature. This is essentially what liberation is all about.

There is no separation from thought or existence, there is no you, there never was.

Now anyone who tells you that enlightenment means being in a total state of ecstasy bliss is full of shit. What they are literally trying to tell you is that you can circumvent this biochemical mechanism. This is of course impossible. It can not be circumvented.

How would you be able to function if your body was telling you that everything was ok when you were not moving towards survival? This makes no sense in terms of our evolutionary survival drive. What they actually have is indifference or equanimity.

In seeing that the self you thought you were is actually false, then that is equivalent to witnessing the illusory nature of conscious thought in reference to this entity called “I”. On seeing this, the brain is still conditioned to think in terms of this fictional reference however, it does not have the same level of gravity as it did before as discussed.

Quite often, the so called enlightened have been de - conditioning themselves for many years before they see this truth, which is the actual core of enlightenment. What happens through something like advaita, is on seeing the truth, a lot of the conditioning has already been broken. People say I no longer have ego but in essence, ego is entirely illusory anyway, it does not exist.

Ego is just the label given to thoughts that reference an illusory entity.

There is no ego but the thoughts can be thought of as being egoistic in nature. So whilst ego is not a real entity, it can be termed as thought in relation to a fictional reference.

If we look back earlier in this post, you could be forgiven for thinking that the body requires a self to function but it is simply not true. All these drives in humans are the culmination of evolutionary design, if this was the case for a self being required, we would have to begin to question whether any other entities have a self. Look at pigeons, they can work out basic puzzles that require cognitive thought.

Does thinking require a self?

Well obviously not or that would most living creatures would have to have a self of some description. Think about a dog, a cow, a horse... they don't have self awareness yet they are driven by their instincts to eat sleep and fuck. Life just lives itself, it always has and always will until you die.

Unfortunately this false construct of self that formed from the “I” function, actually ended up introducing a feedback mechanism in human thought. That is all self really is, a glitch in thought that originated from evolutionary design. Whilst this “I” function is no evolutionary glitch in itself, the lie actually forms an anomaly, as an inhibitory mechanism from within this evolutionary function.

Now we have to stop here as I have ranted on further than I planned but rest assured, we will no doubt be delving in to analysis of this evolutionary function in the near future.

In the meantime this lie has been spelt out for you, so get cracking with the knacking and get looking in reality to break your conditioning and “update” the brains model of reality to what is real. That is all liberation is, the true seeing of what IS in reality. No magic tricks, just what is true.

As a bonus you will break this “I can't ever win” cycle, if you happen to be stuck in it.


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